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In today's current scenario a smartphone is must in everyone's life, it has made life super easy. All thanks to the advancement in technology, you can get all the information within a few taps and click.

If you have a business, it is must create a mobile-friendly website which can match the change in needs of people, a mobile-friendly website will get better reach and your business would make more money.

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What is a mobile-friendly website?

A smartphone is truly a hot topic when it comes to website designing, almost everyone does search via their smartphone. Be it online shopping or banking, a smartphone is a must. Mobile-Friendly website design means to create a dedicated and easy to user interface for mobile users specially.

 A mobile-friendly design means the website's information like image, text, videos, links, etc becomes easier and readily accessible to the end users. This works for all the popular mobile device like smartphone and tablets too.

In other words, the term mobile-friendly website is referred as the capabilities of the website to work effectively and provide a satisfying experience to the mobile device users.

How Important is Mobile Really? 

According to the researched statics of October 2016, mobile traffic is high as compared to desktop users who browse the internet. As per the google research, more than 61% user prefer to use the mobile website to get the information quickly. 

People are consistently accessing the internet via mobile phone, tablets as compared to the desktop and laptops. This is the reason for the decrease in desktop traffic. A good website development companies in Bangalore is the best choice to develop a website which provides better mobile experience to online visitors.

It is predicted by the end of 2019; the mobile user population is expected to get a drastic increase of 79%. People prefer to use their mobile phones instead of desktops. Hence, it is best to build a mobile-friendly website because you don’t want to disappoint the visitors with an unpleasant and slow website.

How Does Your Audience Browse? 

There is no doubt that the audience prefers to use mobile phones for regular browsing and internet usage but there are still some domains where people use their desktop computers for browsing. 

It is best to analyse and evaluate the buyer behavior to get a better idea about the target users. Once you are well aware of the audience browsing pattern you can get a clarity about audience preferences. Apart from that google analytic data gives you a proper insight from which you can see the device of your visitors. 

Many people prefer to use their mobile device for browsing local services like furniture shops, local business. A credible company like iRoot Technologies can help you to design a mobile friendly website for your business.

Why are mobile-friendly websites important?

When it comes to a website, SEO is crucial it helps the audience to reach the right websites. While the user is searching something online, Google throws the result based on the ranking. Among various ranking factors, a mobile finely website scored better SEO as compared to the non-mobile fiercely websites. 

If a person is searching from a mobile device, Google displays the results of the best websites which are mobile friendly. Hence, having a mobile friendly website is important as it could affect your Google ranking.

Tips for designing a mobile-friendly website?

if you are planning to create a website for your business, it is best to focus on below-mentioned tips. Make sure to hire a brilliant website development company in Bangalore to do the job. 

1. Responsive Design 

The first rule of creating a mobile-friendly website is to focus on responsive design. It is must so that it is easy for the visitors to view the websites in various device with ease. Responsive design offers flexibility by providing the right layout based on their screen size. 

2. High-Resolution Image 

when it comes to a website especially a business website, images play a major role. Make sure to increase high-resolution images for best user experience. All the latest model of the smartphones is capable of detecting high-resolution images. Website Designing company in Bangalore helps to develop a mobile-friendly website which supports high resolution. 

3. Say Good Bye To Auto Zoom

The auto zoom feature can have a negative effect on the layout element, the situation is worst in case of images and navigation. It is best to remove the auto zoom feature in order to make the website mobile friendly.

4. Don’t Compromise on user experience 

You might develop a beautiful mobile website but don’t forget to include the "Go to Full View" or "View Desktop Version" option at the bottom of the mobile finding website. There are people who prefer to use a full website on their mobile devices. You don’t want to lose the potential customers visiting your website. iRoot Technologies fits the bill if you are looking for a reliable website development Bangalore. 

How can you make a website with mobile friendly?

Here are the best 5 steps which make a website mobile friendly. These steps ensure that the website works well for both the mobile user as well as the desktop users. 

1. Develop a responsive website 

Start with developing a responsive design with the same content and information. Display the content based on the size of the screen, this will make your website more mobile-friendly. Moreover, a responsive website design contributes to good SEO. 

2. Make Information Easy to Access

People those are browsing the website via smartphone prefer to get the information fast and quick. It is best to provide immediate access to the information which people are looking while visiting your website. Don’t forget to add a FAQs section, it will help the visitors of your website. 

3. Avoid Using Flash 

Flash is extremely bad for the SEO; it is best to avoid flash while designing a mobile-friendly website. It affects the page loading speed and moreover many devices do not support flash. In fact, both Android and iOS do not support flash.  If you are planning to use flash for your website, the mobile users will be left out.

4. Large Button Size

Clicking button on the desktop is easy with the help of a mouse but the situation is not the same on the mobile phone. While trying to tap on a button you might end up clicking on another link, hence it is best to make a large button for easy usage. iRoot Technologies is one of the best Website Designing Company in Bangalore which takes care of the end to end designing. 

5. Compress Image and CSS

When it comes to site loading time, you always want the speed to be good and it is must for mobile users. If anything is taking too much space on your website, it is best to compress it. This will make your website more mobile-friendly. Moreover, your website will load faster with all the information and images.

iRoot Technologies is a Website Development company in Bangalore which focuses on developing high-end mobile-friendly website. When it comes to designing a business website, it is best to trust the experts at iRoot Technologies. 

Mobile-Friendliness and SEO

SEO is a crucial factor; it should be taken utmost care when it comes to developing a website for a mobile device. A mobile-friendly website gets better google ranking and contributes to the SEO. It is must to have a mobile friendly website especially for local business and services, it has a positive effect on the SEO. 

Your website may have everything but Mobile-Friendly website is future and is here to stay forever. In fact, Mobile-Friendliness and SEO go hand in hand. The better user experience you provide to the mobile users, the better ranking your website receives on Google.

Mobile-Friendly Content

A well-designed responsive website should ensure proper navigation from one content to another. Choose attractive and high-resolution images to provide the best mobile experience to target users. 

When it comes to mobile, the text font and space should be taken care well. When you are creating content for the mobile focus on accuracy, readability, headers, callouts, etc. All this will provide the best user experience and navigation to the visitors.

While creating a mobile-friendly website avoid common mistakes like an unplayable video file, poor image, low HD pictures and media files, non-readable contents, small buttons, flash, etc. The primary purpose of creating a mobile-friendly website is to provide the best browsing experience to smartphone users.


Mobile friendliness of website is not only good for business but also is a must. As per the research data people prefer to use mobile devices for regular browsing, a responsive web design increases the user experience and converts potential visitors into customers. A low and non-responsive website is the last thing you want to welcome your online visitors with. Take help of an expert Website Development company in Bangalore. 

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Digital marketing has undergone a lot of transformation since its inception. Now, it is not just limited to surge search engine rankings, it is more into gaining the attention of potential customers to various digital marketing trends and strategies. The digital trends 2019 like artificial intelligence and voice search that has dismissed earlier are now gaining immense importance today. Here are few new digital marketing strategies that added huge importance to digital marketing today.

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Artificial intelligence optimizing customer service

Artificial intelligence which is a part of digital marketing today is enabling the business organizations to analyze consumer behavior, search patterns by using the data on the social media platforms. It helps the business know how the customers fin their products and services and help you optimize your customer service. A business that chooses to opt for artificial intelligence in the year 2019 will gain that competitive edge and accelerate the growth of the business.

Augmented reality advertising lowering conversion costs

Augmented reality advertising is a new strategy that has made digital marketing important in the year 2019. The business that implements programmatic advertising will be able to use artificial intelligence to automate ad buying. The new strategy will help you target a more specific audience. Real time bidding for advertising will enable the business with higher conversions and lower acquisition costs. This new advertising trend is changing the face of digital marketing in the year 2019 and would turn to be a strategy for 90% of digital display ads by the year 2020.

Improved customer service thorough chat-bots

Chat-bots are an important digital revolution in the digital marketing trends 2019. The business that are using chat-bots will be able to use AI for an instant chat with the customer round the clock.  This technology in the digital market is bound to save a lot of money to the business especially in health care and banking sector.  These virtual assistants enable the business to provide best customer service with a responsive and prompt reply and recalling buying history.

Personalized marketing strengthens customer relation

The new strategy boosted the phase of digital marketing. With the availability of data like consumer behavior, purchase history, pages landed on, targeting the buyer with the personalized content has never been this easier. Personalization marketing done by SEO company in Bangalore help in strengthening customer relationships. Personalized triggered emails based on the behavior of the buyer tend to be more effective than traditional e- mail marketing.

Influencer marketing takes your business to a large audience

The digital marketing has leaped towards influencer marketing to take your business to the broader market. The strategy works on using the influencers to take out word for you.  This influencer can be anybody from big celebrities to the blogger that can influence the decision of the user and promote the business for you on their social channels by word of mouth.

Video marketing to reach new potential customers

Video marketing is now beyond the reach of traditional online methods in reaching the new potential customers. Video marketing 2019 strategy by digital marketing company in Bangalore is just not a YouTube video, it will be live broadcast on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Marketing is gaining more popularity as many businesses today are making use of it to win the attention of potential customers with videos like product demos, interviews, product making and behind the scenes. High-quality cameras on smartphones are motivating the businesses to head towards video marketing instead of phone calls and messages. Also, these business videos, that are displayed on the internet as a part of marketing helps in boosting your SERP’s too.

Social Messaging Apps for direct customer interaction

With tech revolution in the mobile industry that enables people to spend a lot of leisure time on social messaging apps, it makes sense to use these most hanging places to market your business and gain the attention of the customers. The social app will enable your business to send messages to the customer and enrich their experience.

Voice search to increase sales

Rising trends of voice search have made marketers rethink their digital marketing strategies 2019. With artificial intelligence becoming smarter, the number of errors that are made on audio search is drastically reduced. Many businesses today have included voice search as a part digital marketing strategy 2019 to increase their sales and add more convenience to customers

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In this world of technology, almost every business has a website to promote their business. But often many businesses fail to understand that having a website is not enough, the business website should be responsive in order to attract visitors and convert it into sales. 

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What is Responsive Web designing?

The primary aim of responsive web designing is to boost digital marketing. Every person visiting your website gets the best viewing experience with seamless navigation. The responsiveness should be the same for different devices, be it smartphone or computer, the website should be user-friendly and prompt with right user content. 

If your website is not responsive then the visitors will stop engaging on your website. This is primarily because the content is not attractive and people want to invest their time in something good and appealing. The response designs majorly focus on the user experience across different platform, this helps to boost the business and leads. The site with quick navigation and attractive content always stands out.

The responsive web designing follows right strategies so that the website is compatible with different screen size. The data should not be distorted or lost during the transition. A highly responsive website is very crucial to generate the sales for the business. It will help correct planning of digital marketing strategy.

Effective of Responsive Web Designing on The Digital marketing

Responsive web design allows users to work seamlessly on all the platforms like desktop, smartphones, and tablets. Some businesses highly prefer to attract only mobile users, but due to the lack of responsive web designing, they often tend to lose customers.

1. Traffic Booster

A business website can notice a great hike in their over traffic once the website is responsive. Your website will experience less bounce rate because all users prefer to spend quality time in a website which is attractive, easy to navigate and has the right content.

It is advisable to approach responsive website design company in Bangalore to redesign the existing business website in order to boost traffic organically. Once your website has a lower bounce rate, Google will automatically suggest your website. Moreover, a website with responsive web designing has a positive effect on the search engine result page.

2. Increase Sales and Revenue Generation

The ultimate goal of a business is to create leads and generate sales. With responsive web designing, you can easily achieve the goal. If the visitor finds your website content appealing, you can easily notice a hike in the sales and lead generation. 

A person/ customer will only spend quality time in a user-friendly website. Hence, it is must for the business to focus on the responsiveness of the website. digital marketing company in Bangalore can help with the right strategies to reach your sales target once you have a responsive website. A website with a good digital marketing strategy is only helpful when you have a good and user-friendly website.

3. Better User Journey

A responsive web designing indirectly makes the visitors spend quality time on the website. If the web site has good content management and has visually appealing content, you can notice the visitors prefer to spend quality time on site. This way you can focus on improving new products and strategies to convert the lead into sales. In short, responsive web designing helps to improve the overall user journey.

4. Affordable

Designing a responsive website is not a costly affair, all you need is to approach the right company to get the job done. Responsive website designing company Bangalore is one way to update a regular website into the responsive website so that it is compatible on all the platforms and look appeal to the target visitors.

The entire process is also not time-consuming. Moreover, the SEO compatibility of website can be boosted via responsive web designing. The digital marketing company in Bangalore follows right strategy for better site management.

Google's algorithm highly prefers responsive website with less bounce rate. It is a great way to fetch organic traffic to your website and boost revenue. A responsive web designing can help you to achieve the result that you want, follow the trend and stay ahead of all your competitors.

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As the days are passing, we could realize how many people are moving towards the digital world in terms of developing their business. Also, most of the businesses are highly associated with the website where anyone can easily take the business to the maximum number of people. It is the main reason where people who have started to develop the website would mainly like to focus on it and go ahead. If you are one of them, then make sure to follow some of the essential tips in order to improve the website as per the current trends.

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By following the essential tips, you can start to develop your website with professional website development company in Bangalore to its potential and make more money than expected. In case, if you are the beginner but struggling to manage, hope the mentioned tips would be helpful in terms of maintaining the business.

Choose the Respective Niche

It is mainly considered to be the important thing where most of the people are looking for the niches to utilize it. Yes, by following the respective niche, you can start to develop your business that whenever you want. At the same time, it is also easy for you to handle the business by knowing more about the skills required. Yes, you need to improve your skills at any time. In case, if you would like to know more stuff regarding the business to develop, and then you can find the best web designing Bangalore that whenever you want.

Include Blog

It is the main thing where you need to focus on it and start to follow the best level of process in terms of posting the stuff related any niches which have been chosen already. The thing you should keep it in mind is posting the contents must be original which shouldn’t be similar to other posts which are available across the internet at any time.

Images can be Optimized

Usually, the time taken for loading the website pages is always common to experience. If you are the one who is facing the same issue with your website when it comes to loading the pages with images, then you can optimize it in order to make the process simple than expected. So, whenever planning for the website to run, this process is essential in terms of grabbing the attention of the people.

Connected Through Social Networking Sites

It is said to be the important one where you need to follow without missing it. Yes, the social networking sites are always essential to handle it. Even millions of people are highly focused on it for various purposes. If things like a promotion for your business is required, then you must be integrated your website with social networking sites. If you are struggling to handle this, then you can also seek website development companies in Bangalore for further process to be done.

Check Traffic

Whenever planning for the business associated with a website, then it is necessary for you to follow whether the traffic is received or not. Well, based on the traffic, you will be going to see the profits from your business. This could be the main thing where every business person should be a focus on it. Once the traffic is improved in your business, then you will be going to witness the huge profits in a short time for sure.

Set Attractive Theme

In order to grab the attention of viewers, it is always crucial for the people to set attractive themes. Make sure to set the themes according to your niches. Yes, this thing makes your business to grow and helps to convert the viewers into customers in a quick time. So, whenever planning to run the website, it is important for you to keep it in mind. Also, you can seek help from best website design company in Bangalore as per your wish.

Monetizing the Website

If your business highly depends on the website in terms of making money, then monetization is always important. Yes, by monetizing the website, you can make more money than expected. Once this process is managed to handle, then you will witness the growth of your business in a short period.

Wrapping up

If you are looking forward to improving your business with the support of a website, then follow the above-mentioned tips in order to develop for making more money through business.

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All website owners primarily aim to gather as maximum guests as he can on his website. In order to do the same, one must need to understand the needs and demands of the audience. The one who gains from the opportunity wins over the other competitors who lack coordination with the users. There are a large number of potential audiences that want their needs to get fulfilled from your site and that's the point of time when the owner should grab the opportunity and make full of it. The potential users can be any category and your site should be welcoming all the visitors like website development companies in Bangalore do. Here, we are discussing the ways by which you can make your site accessible to various visually impaired people. Have a look:

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Make the content size large

To make your website content accessible to visually impaired people, your text font size should be larger and bigger than normal so that they find it bit easier to look. It could be possible that some people prefer the content in extra zoom size. For that, you can give a zoom alternative on your site so that impaired people can zoom according to their choice and preference. However, you should try creating your layout in bigger font sizes and ensure that the layout doesn’t break.

Choose the color combination wisely

Color choice is the most important aspect of a website that makes the design of the website attractive. Website development in Bangalore suggests that color contrast should be chosen by considering the needs of every user. Your audience might include the people who are colorblind. Colorblindness can be caused due to any eye surgery or injury and the people who have this issue are not able to see some colors. However, it is difficult to offer them completely different color themes; but the simplest color combinations for the text can be used in order to reduce the confusion that may take place otherwise.

Offer a mobile version of the website

Today, every site has its mobile version as the population is switching from desktop to mobiles. If you have a mobile version of your site makes it accessible to the visually impaired people by creating the mobile layout for larger screens as well. This is because components of the mobile web are regularly rearranged and demand less to scale up and down. The more focus is on text rather than its counterparts. Therefore, it is much easier for the people who have obscured vision and issues with differentiation and shading. Offering them the mobile version on a larger screen can help them to a great extent.

Keyboard shortcut accessibility

There is a major problem that all visually impaired people face while running the website and that is navigation. Making everything accessible over the keys is one of the valuable help that you can give to your audience. Also, it would be helpful for normal users as well. Both the users can easily navigate the site by utilizing arrow keys and with a couple of speedy keystrokes. This also reduces the amount of strain and discomfort that eyes of the impaired individuals bear.  Elimination of use of cursor over the screen saves a lot of time and they would not need to spend a lot of time in front of the big monitor screens that creates discomfort for them. Therefore, the accessibility of everything over the keyboard is a great valuable addition that you can give to them.

Less use of programming techniques

There can be various visual impairments that a person is suffering from such as Retinitis Pimentos, Glaucoma, Retinopathy and cataracts etc. that can decline the contrast affectability. Due to this, the person’s ability to differentiate between the shades and dimension reduces. To offer them a satisfying visual experience you should create the layouts very simple with subtle angles and slight moves to make the interfaces spotless and unclog to the visually impaired individuals. One should avoid using techniques like JavaScript or CSS so that user can navigate the things easily and do not make use of highlights to increase the contrast.


So, these were some of the ways by which one can make their website accessible to visually impaired individuals.


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