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RL1854-Global Lifestyle Jewelry Brand


RL1854 is a trendsetter in lifestyle jewelry and accessories. Positioning itself in the minds of many people all across the globe, it offers contemporary styles, international craftsmanship, finesse, aesthetic appeal at competitive price range. Taking a panoramic view of the continuously changing times, RL1854 has introduced jewelry that has exceptional appeal and will intrigue an extraordinary palette of taste.

Bringing stylish ornaments, RL1854 has transformed traditional jewelry patterns into fashions statements. Still holding the pristine appeal of the traditional ornaments, it offers innovative jewelry designs.


Domain is the vital Internet identity. RL1854 needed a highly valuable domain and hosting solutions to brand its business rightly and to improve search engine rankings.


Everything on the internet is a current culture today. It is essential to keep organizational information in the cyberspace. RL1854 engaged for high class domain and hosting services. To obtain great customer support infrastructure and competitive pricing, we considered as a turnkey solution to promote our online business by improving our global presence.

Key Benefits

• Advertised business ideas and potentials online.
• Managed software and hardware components.
• Managed networking issues like redundancy, disaster recovery plans, and data backups Managed data centers that deliver applications.
• Frequently updated software.
• Increased security and functionality.
• Managed dedicated hosting.
• Delivered relevant and accurate website statistics.
• 24/7 technical support.
• Protected both host and network.

Keeping in mind that hosted software can save your time and money RL1854 contacted iRoot World for better business performance.

Key Components of Domain and Web Hosting

• Registered 9 domain and 2 hosting (Enterprise Special Hosting Plan)


  • RL1854 wanted to manage crucial business aspects in a better way through best domain and hosting solutions.
  • Increasing jewelry sales, iRoot World helped RL1854 to choose from the various plans to create extremely high interactive e-commerce business solutions.
  • Connecting jewelry business to the real customers, the domain and web hosting services of iRoot World has helped RL1854 to distinguish their line of mass produced jewelry and promote professionalism in a right way.
  • Advertising in an unstable economy, it analyzes customer mind set in online jewelry world and offer great customer consultancy support.

The powerful domain and hosting solutions of RL1854

RL1854 or Rajmal Lakhichand Jewelers is global jewelry brand. Since its inception in 1854, it is holding the torch of family jewelry business. Even in these times the company shares same respect as well as loyalty of the customers. Considered as a rich heritage company, Aarel Jewelers Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the existing world of jewelry. Catering to the ever changing needs of potential customers, it offers innovative designs and patterns to attract huge customers in the global market scenario. Being a trendsetter, it continues to satisfy its customers with a new range of lifestyle jewelry offerings.

Moreover, RL1854 wanted to create an online jewelry platform to attract multi-location web customers. In this iRoot World helped RL1854 to distinguish and strengthen its online jewelry products and services in this unpredictable marketplace, retaining strong customer responsiveness.

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