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Transferring to iRoot World Steps

Article found in categories Transfer to iRoot World 
Sign up for a hosting plan with iRoot World
You can signup via this website by clicking on It takes us about 2 hour to get your plan set up on our network.
iRoot World will email you once your plan is provisioned on our servers.
You will receive Welcome Mail subject: “Account Welcome Mail” email that provides your IP address, our DNS information, account summary, etc., with the "Getting Started with iRoot World" email that offers links to our Knowledge Base for answers to our most commonly asked questions and how to go about getting your site up and running with us. 
Upload your website files to the IP address we have assigned you, transfer your database and create your email addresses with our Control Panel.
After you have uploaded everything associated with your website to our server, you'll then want to test your site. You can easily do this by typing your temp address (You can easily get temp address from our support guys) into an Internet browser to ensure everything works prior to actually contacting your registrar and pointing the domain to our network.
Go to your domain name registrar and change your DNS settings to iRoot World’s.
You will then need to go to the website of the registrar you originally bought your domain name from (Network Solutions,, etc.) and log in to their online domain management tool. You will need to replace your existing primary and secondary name server with ours. This change of information will take 12 to 72 hours to propagate and update throughout the web.
Wait for the propagation to finish (approximately 12-72 hours).
While the propagation is taking effect, you will have basically two sites available and active - the one at your old host and the one on our servers. This will minimize any lost traffic and/or emails. In order to receive mail from both locations, however, you will need two profiles in your email client - the one that is already drawing email from your old host and the new one drawing email from us. Alternatively, you can also simply use our web mail interface to get the email that is sent to our servers.
Cancel with your previous host.
After the appropriate propagation time, you can go and cancel the hosting account you have at your previous host as all of your website traffic and emails should now be coming to our servers.
Transfer your domain name. (optional)
If you would like to transfer your domain and consolidate your registration and web hosting to one source, you can utilize the Transfer Domain option. The domain transfer itself costs NOTHING; we simply add one year of registration onto the expiration date for Rs. 399. More info to transfer the domain name:

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Submitted on: 7/11/2007
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