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Features of Bjli Free Link Shortener

Elevate your online presence with short links, offering concise, customizable, and trackable URLs for streamlined sharing and analytics.

Complete Analytics

Monitor the real-time performance of every short link, receiving comprehensive insights on clicks, social media engagement, page referrer, devices, browsers, operating systems, and GEO location.


Link Management

Maximize the potential of each short URL by customizing and optimizing it, gaining insights into detailed link information, tracking user activities, and more.


Link Shortener

Experience a free link shortener with numerous features, ensuring superior quality for shortening links. Our shortened links never expire, and we refrain from displaying ads during direct redirection to the link.

How we're different

We offer a genuine, unique approach

The Link Shortener Menu boasts an array of features, allowing users to effortlessly customize short URLs and monitor their impact with analytics. From branded short domains to QR code generation, our menu offers a comprehensive toolkit for optimizing link management. Additionally, it often provides tracking and analytics features, allowing users to monitor the performance and engagement of the shortened links.
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Your online success is our singular goal

Our link shortener seamlessly integrates QR code generation, allowing users to create visually accessible shortcuts for easy sharing. Effortlessly produce QR codes that directly link to your shortened URLs, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
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Bio-link Features

A bio link serves as a concise gateway to multiple online destinations, consolidating various links into a single, easily accessible hub. Streamlining connections, it provides a convenient way for individuals and businesses to share a diverse range of content, such as social profiles, portfolios, and external websites, through a centralized and customizable platform.
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How we deliver results

URL Compression

Link shorteners condense long URLs into shorter versions, making them easier to share and remember.

Link Management

Users can easily manage and edit their shortened links, making it convenient to update destinations or associated information.

Link Expiry

Some link shorteners provide the option to set an expiration date for the shortened link, enhancing security and control over the content's accessibility.

QR Code Customization

Users can customize the appearance of QR codes, incorporating branding elements such as colors and logos to make them visually appealing.

QR Code Cross-Platform Accessibility

QR codes can be scanned by smartphones and other devices, providing a seamless way to share information across various platforms.

Scanning Analytics

Advanced QR code generators may provide analytics on scan data, offering insights into when, where, and how frequently the QR code is scanned.

Bio-link Personalization

Users can customize their bio link pages, adding personal touches such as profile pictures, backgrounds, and bio descriptions to reflect their brand or personality.

Real-Time Editing of Bio-link

Users can edit and update their bio link page in real-time, ensuring that followers always have access to the latest information.

Multi-Link Support for Bio-links

Bio links typically support multiple links, allowing users to share links to their website, social media profiles, products, blog posts, and other relevant content.


What clients are saying

"I've been using Bjli for over a year now, and it's been a game-changer for my online presence. The ease of creating short, branded links has not only made my content more shareable but has also enhanced my overall brand image. The click tracking feature is invaluable – I can see in real-time how my links are performing, where my audience is coming from, and tailor my strategies accordingly. The customizable options for link management and the ability to set link expiry adds an extra layer of control and security. Bjli has truly elevated the way I approach link sharing, and I couldn't be happier with the results."
Jake Warren
GM Studios
"I stumbled upon Bjli when I was looking for a reliable solution to manage and track the links for my business. The branding options allowed me to create professional-looking short URLs that align perfectly with my company's image. What sets Bjli apart is the comprehensive analytics – I can dive deep into the performance metrics of each link, gaining valuable insights into my audience's behavior. As a marketing professional, having such detailed analytics at my fingertips is a game-changer. Overall, Bjli has become an indispensable tool in my digital marketing toolkit."

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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