Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Accelerate time to market, streamline testing processes, and expedite product releases through the use of automated software testing services.

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Success through our unique approach

By leveraging our robust test automation techniques, you can effectively reduce both testing costs and cycle time. In today’s fast-paced industry, where Agile software development and frequent builds are the norm, it is crucial to have a testing strategy that can keep up with the demand. Automated software testing provides a reliable solution to meet this requirement while also meeting the increasing expectations of customers.

Implementing continuous testing allows for seamless integration and accelerated delivery. The most effective method involves running automated regression tests at every stage of the deployment process, from pre-deployment to post-production checks. This approach, known as automation software testing services, facilitates faster time to market and ensures the health and stability of the software after release.

Automated Testing Practices

Ensure the quality of your mobile app, web app, website, or API by leveraging the expertise of our QA engineers.

Development of Test Automation Strategy

Taking into consideration software requirements, as well as development, QA, and deployment processes, we create a comprehensive test automation strategy. This strategy can also include a roadmap for automation testing.

Setup and Configuration of Testing Environment

Once the roadmap and strategy are in place, we establish and configure the appropriate testing environment. This ensures seamless execution of test cases across various devices, platforms, and browsers, while also monitoring resources effectively.

Automated Generation of Test Data

We automate the generation of extensive and well-structured input and output combinations for both automated and manual tests. This ensures that your software application is thoroughly validated from every possible angle.

Automated UI Testing

UI testing is a crucial aspect of our automation testing services. We handle the planning and design of test cases, as well as the creation and maintenance of scripts, to conduct reliable automated checks on new features and regression testing through the UI.

API Testing

We develop test cases, scripts, and integrations to swiftly and efficiently validate software functionality through API testing. We rely on tools such as Postman, JMeter, and customized solutions for effective API testing.

Performance Testing

As part of our automation testing services, we create test cases and scripts to automate performance testing across all layers of your application and its supporting systems. This includes load balancers, networks, databases, and more.

Test Script Migration

If you already have test scripts developed on different frameworks and platforms, we provide services to migrate them to Selenium. This unifies the automation testing tools and processes across your organization.

Implementation of CI/CD Pipeline

We collaborate with your DevOps teams to design and implement a continuous integration pipeline. This includes the integration of continuous testing, allowing tests to run automatically after each software change.

How we do it

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Why iRoot for Automation Software Testing?

By partnering with a reputable software testing company like ours, you can expect your application to be thoroughly tested across all devices, operating systems, and browsers. Additionally, we ensure that your product is released on schedule and at a lower cost.

Swift Time to Market

Through automation, functional testing of your application can be executed at a faster pace, reducing the risk of unexpected delays.

Continuous Testing

Our automation software testing runs round the clock, allowing for constant identification of recurring defects.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

With the ability to run thousands of automated tests in conjunction with manual testing, we are able to address all potential issues seamlessly.

Minimized Human Errors

By automating the end-to-end testing process, we eliminate the need for manual testing, thereby reducing the likelihood of human errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

Cost-Effective Testing

You can benefit from the same extent of automation testing, without incurring additional costs, ultimately resulting in savings on your testing budget.

How we're different

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Automation Software Testing Strategy

Explore the practical steps involved in implementing a successful automation software testing process.

Defining High Business Value Tests

We start by identifying and understanding the most important tests that have a high impact on the business. These tests are crucial to avoid any potential setbacks.

Assessing Risks

We evaluate the priority of automation testing and associated risks by considering the potential impact on the business.

Utilizing Technology, Tools, & Resources

Our team combines the appropriate automation testing tools, resources, and technologies to create a strong and reliable solution.

Considering the Test Environment

We carefully document all testing efforts to anticipate any environmental conditions and changes that may affect your application.

Maximizing Testing Efficiency

We strive to achieve automation testing efficiencies by utilizing the same patterns and logic, effectively allocating resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automation testing involves using automation tools to carry out specific tests on software. This typically involves running a series of regression tests automatically rather than manually.

The automation testing cycle refers to the step-by-step process of planning, designing, executing, and evaluating automated tests on a software system.

There are different types of automation testing, including functional testing, load testing, performance testing, regression testing, and user interface testing.

Some benefits of automation testing include improved test accuracy, faster test execution, increased test coverage, and reduced human error.

Selenium is a popular open-source automation testing framework that allows testers to automate web browsers for testing purposes. It provides a variety of tools and libraries to facilitate automated testing of web applications.