VAPT Testing

VAPT Testing

Protect your applications from cyberattacks by utilizing comprehensive VAPT testing services, which involve both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to ensure the utmost security measures are in place.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services

Timely identification, classification, and addressing of application security risks is crucial in today’s era of increasing cybercrimes. Any weaknesses in system security, design, or implementation pose a significant threat to business organizations. These weaknesses can be found in both internally developed software and applications procured from third-party vendors. However, once identified, they can be easily rectified.


To address this issue, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services have emerged as an optimal solution. This approach offers a more comprehensive evaluation of applications compared to conducting a single test. By adopting VAPT services, businesses gain a detailed understanding of the potential threats to their data, networks, systems, and applications. This knowledge enables them to protect all these aspects from malicious attacks effectively.

VAPT testing solutions at iRoot

At iRoot, we provide reliable VAPT testing solutions that allow businesses to concentrate on identifying and resolving critical vulnerabilities they may encounter.

VAPT Testing for Web Applications

As more companies shift their crucial operations to web applications, our security testing team conducts VAPT testing on your browser-based web application to identify any internal weaknesses. We uncover potential vulnerabilities and address them to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

VAPT Testing for Mobile Applications

Malicious mobile apps have the potential to exploit user experiences and damage your brand's reputation. We conduct VAPT testing on mobile apps, networks, APIs, and databases to eliminate the possibility of unexpected hacking incidents.

VAPT Testing for IT Networks

Our team of security experts performs VAPT testing on IT networks to identify vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and hosts. We detect unauthorized access by hackers and take proactive measures to prevent any unauthorized movement within your system.

Significance of VAPT Testing

Ensure the security of your software and protect it from being breached by cyberattacks with VAPT testing services. Discover any security weaknesses and receive guidelines on how to address them.

Thorough Assessment

Conducting a single security test can reveal any potential vulnerabilities in your application and network.

Defense against Malicious Attacks

By using VAPT testing, you can develop stronger applications and systems that are less susceptible to unidentified attacks and security risks.

Regulatory Compliance:

By undergoing comprehensive testing and evaluation of your software, you can easily meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

iRoot Services for VAPT

Our range of services includes conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for all applications and systems within an organization.

Application Security

For application security, we offer web application security assessments, evaluations, and functional testing. We also conduct authorization testing, inject malicious codes into application software, search for backdoor traps in application log files, and check for weaknesses in software structure. Additionally, we provide source code auditing and binary auditing.

Network Security

In terms of network security, we specialize in password security testing, firewall, router, switch, VPN, WLAN, and storage area network (SAN) security assessments. We also conduct wireless network security testing, evaluate email and internet user security, assess intrusion detection system (IDS) security, and provide anti-virus security assessment and management.

Database Security

Our database security services include assessing suspicious activity by authorized or unauthorized users, evaluating overloads and performance constraints, identifying programming bugs and design flaws, assessing data corruption, and detecting malware infections.

Host Security

Furthermore, we offer host security assessments for web servers, Unix/Linux systems, and other relevant security assessments. Overall, our services ensure the comprehensive evaluation and protection of various aspects of an organization's applications, systems, networks, databases, and hosts.

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VAPT Testing stands for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. It is a crucial process used to identify both known and unknown vulnerabilities in IT systems, networks, applications, and websites.

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) is crucial for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in a system, safeguarding it against potential cyber threats and ensuring a robust defense mechanism.