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“Empower your digital technology initiatives with our Java Development Services, designed to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing demands of tech users.

Results oriented

Elevate your company's ecosystem to new heights with our Java Development services.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive digital landscape, staying ahead requires businesses to embrace resilient and results-driven IT applications. Java, recognized as a powerful technology, serves as the cornerstone for developing high-performance applications catering to enterprises of various sizes and industries. At iRoot, we specialize in providing customer-centric, scalable, and business-oriented Java development services.<br/>

Our seasoned team of proficient and experienced Java developers is dedicated to crafting and delivering a myriad of robust, effective, and scalable Java-based applications. We place paramount importance on understanding our clients’ requirements throughout the entire Java application development process. By doing so, we ensure the delivery of tailor-made solutions that maximize productivity and yield optimal return on investment for our clients.”


What we do

Our Services

Java Web Development

Build performance-oriented, scalable, and secure Java websites that enhance business value and achieve objectives.

Enterprise Java Development

Deliver enterprise-oriented Java solutions for large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, and secure network applications to boost business growth.

Java App QA & Testing

Ensure top-quality Java-based applications through rigorous QA and testing, guaranteeing reliability before deployment.

Java Migration & Upgrade

Specialize in seamless migration and upgrade services, enabling businesses to harness the best features of Java for existing applications.

Mobile App Development and Java-based Solutions


Mobile App Development

Customized Mobile/Android App Development services based on Java-powered platforms such as Kotlin, React, Dart, GoLang, etc. Our development expertise extends to robust mobile and IoT applications for Android devices. Key capabilities include:* - Integration of social media plugins. - Adaptive UI/UX design. - Custom widgets development. - Enterprise mobility solutions. - Mobile payment processing. - Location-based services. - VOIP implementation. - Integration of Remote Display, Game Manager, and Android Pay Google Play APIs.

Java-based CMS Solutions

Unlock the potential of a Java CMS for robust web content development. Our approach, using modern web standards and open and extensible APIs, integrates various CMS into your existing application architecture. Key solutions include:* - OpenCMS. - Alfresco Content Services. - Magnolia. - Enonic XP.

Java-based Cloud Solutions

Java's significance extends to cloud computing, with more than 10 million developers and usage in over 15 billion terminals globally. Our expert team leverages tools like AWS SDK for Java, Oracle Java Cloud Services, Google App Engine, Cloudfoundry, etc., to swiftly set up your J2EE environment.

Java Frontend Solutions

As a renowned Java Development Company in Gurgaon, iRoot empowers development teams to build full-stack applications entirely in Java. Leveraging an extensive web component library and powerful abstraction capabilities, our expertise spans frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Apache Wicket, JSF, and APIs for constructing complex, enterprise-level UIs. These solutions collectively showcase our proficiency in mobile app development, cloud solutions, CMS development, and frontend solutions, highlighting our commitment to delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge Java-based services.


Technological skill set

Java Frameworks

Big Data and Stream Processing

Message Brokers


Why Choose Us for Java Development Services


Comprehensive Expertise

Benefit from our extensive expertise in a wide array of Java technologies, frameworks, and databases. Our team is proficient in Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and various databases, ensuring versatility in addressing diverse project requirements.

Big Data and Stream Processing Prowess

Leverage our proficiency in big data and stream processing technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, and Apache Storm. We empower businesses to harness the potential of real-time data processing and analytics.

Agile Development Methodology

Embrace our Agile development methodology that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iterative progress. We adapt to evolving project requirements, ensuring transparency, and delivering high-quality results within specified timelines.

Search and Indexing Solutions

Utilize our expertise in search and indexing solutions with technologies like Solr and Elasticsearch. We enable efficient and scalable data retrieval, offering robust search capabilities for your applications.

Advanced Message Brokering

Rely on our competence in implementing advanced message brokering solutions using Kafka, RabbitMQ, and Apache ActiveMQ. We design resilient and scalable communication architectures for distributed systems.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Collaborate with a dedicated and experienced team of Java developers. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and problem-solving skills to every project, ensuring its success.

Diverse Database Management

Choose from a variety of database solutions including HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Our proficiency in both SQL and NoSQL databases ensures the right fit for your specific data management needs.

Tailored Java Development

Experience custom-tailored Java development services. We prioritize understanding your unique requirements to deliver solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Stay ahead with our adoption of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the Java development landscape. We continuously update our skill set to incorporate the latest advancements, providing you with state-of-the-art solutions.

Empowering Your Digital Transformation Initiatives with Tailored Java Solutions

At iRoot, our Java development services are designed to seamlessly align with your digital transformation goals. We specialize in streamlining organizational processes, harnessing data, and enabling informed decision-making. Our key offerings include

Fintech Solutions

Transform your financial processes with our Fintech solutions. From digital transactions to comprehensive financial management, our Java development services cater to the unique needs of the finance and banking sector.

Retail Solutions

Digitally manage end-to-end operations for your retail and eCommerce business with our retail solutions. From inventory management to customer engagement, we tailor our services to meet the dynamic demands of the retail industry.

Automation Software

As a leading Java development company, we create bespoke automation solutions that handle routine tasks seamlessly, reducing manual efforts and enhancing operational efficiency across your organization.

Monitoring & Tracking System

Gain a comprehensive overview of your supply chain with our monitoring and tracking systems. Our solutions provide real-time insights, enabling effective management and optimization of your supply chain processes.

Business Intelligence Systems

Capitalize on business intelligence with our expertly crafted solutions. Our Java development services facilitate forecasting, customer behavior analysis, and other crucial aspects, empowering your organization with actionable insights.

Wearable Application

Stay ahead of the curve with our wearable applications. Our Java developers leverage next-gen devices and tech trends to create applications that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, contributing to your business success.