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Our PHP Development Company provides a wide range of services to create web solutions that are user-friendly, secure, and interactive, helping your business grow.

iRoot is a trusted company that specializes in providing PHP website development services to businesses.

iRoot is a renowned company that offers cutting-edge PHP website development services to businesses. Our expertise lies in providing tailored web solutions that address the unique requirements of our clients. With our custom PHP development services, we emphasize scalability and interactivity.

Our team comprises highly skilled PHP developers who excel in creating fully customized PHP websites. Over the past twenty years, we have gained a reputation for delivering advanced PHP website development services that integrate the latest technology standards. We prioritize the responsiveness and security of our PHP solutions to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

Furthermore, we understand that every business has different needs and budgets. That is why we offer flexible hiring models to cater to startups, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations.


Enhance your website by utilizing our comprehensive PHP development services.

Our team of expert developers specializes in leading PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Laminas, Zend, and CodeIgniter, allowing us to create custom applications. We can integrate OOP, MVC, and Core PHP to develop dynamic and static solutions tailored to your needs.

As eCommerce has proven to be a successful business model, we offer PHP-based eCommerce solutions. Our technical proficiency enables us to build online selling portals that engage new customers, retain existing ones, and build a strong customer base for your brand.

If you require real-time solutions, our cloud-based web app development services have got you covered. We develop robust SaaS products for both small and large enterprises, utilizing expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and their seamless integration with your application.

Recognized as a leading PHP development company in India, we are proficient in building web applications using various PHP frameworks. Our expertise lies in Laravel and CodeIgniter, ensuring the delivery of flexible web applications that meet your requirements.

Social networking solutions are one of our specializations. Our team of PHP professionals possesses extensive experience in different frameworks and CMSs, enabling us to create engaging, attractive, and fast social platforms for the expansion of your enterprise.

In addition to custom PHP development, we provide timely maintenance and support to address any challenges with application performance. Our support packages are designed to ensure the safety, smoothness, and seamlessness of your web applications.

Benefits associated with using PHP technology

PHP App Development Process

Our process for developing PHP apps involves a straightforward yet effective approach in order to bring your ideas to life on a functional platform.


Define Requirements - we gather all the necessary requirements for your application. This allows us to understand the challenges and goals that need to be addressed..


Suggestion of PHP Framework - Our team of PHP developers will analyze the requirements and suggest the integration of the latest PHP frameworks. We also create documentation for future reference.


Design & Development - Once the planning stage is complete, we move on to design and development. We create a prototype design of the entire application and follow an agile method to build the business solution. Throughout this process, we actively seek feedback to ensure that we are making progress.


Deployment - Finally, deployment is not the end of our collaboration. We offer ongoing support and make any necessary changes for optimized performance of the application.

Advantages of Opting for Custom PHP Development Solutions

Adaptable Platform

PHP-based applications can function seamlessly on various operating systems, browsers, and screen sizes.

Flexible Scalability

PHP websites can easily adjust to handle high web application traffic during peak hours.

Improved Accessibility

PHP websites are optimized to ensure fast loading speeds, enhancing user engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enhancements

PHP comes with built-in SEO features that enhance organic search visibility and boost brand recognition.

Hiring Models

Dedicated Team

We offer a professional team of PHP developers, Quality Analysts, and Business Analysts who will efficiently deliver PHP applications.

Team Augmentation

If you already have a team and need additional expertise, we can provide the talent you require. Our team can work under your managers as part of your in-house team.

Project Based

This model is ideal if you have defined specifications, scope, and business goals. Our PHP development company can cater to the needs of all types of businesses.

Why Should You Choose Us for PHP Web Development?

Adaptable Methodology

At our company, we are your one-stop destination for trusted PHP website development services. Our team of professionals follows agile methodologies to ensure successful project completion. Using an agile approach for PHP development allows us to improve speed and deliver excellence.

Extensive Expertise

With over two decades of experience in PHP web apps development, we have the relevant expertise to handle even the most complex projects. Our developers ensure data relevance throughout the development process.

Versatile Approach

We understand that each business has unique needs and budgets. Therefore, we offer flexible hiring models to cater to diverse requirements. Regardless of the approach, our developers always follow best development practices to maintain quality.

Punctual Delivery

Our meticulous development strategy guarantees timely project delivery. We take great care to ensure that PHP web apps meet and exceed all client expectations.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of PHP developers are highly skilled in delivering multi-user, fast, and secure web apps. They stay updated with the latest technological trends, ensuring that your project is developed using the most advanced techniques.

Cutting-edge security

Cutting-edge security measures are implemented by our developers to construct secure PHP websites and applications. Our team prioritizes all necessary precautions to guarantee the preservation of data safety, in accordance with the NDA.

Our promise

No matter what industry you are in, our team of certified Salesforce developers can meet all of your business needs

We have extensive experience working with industries such as travel and tourism, banking and finance, healthcare, transportation and logistics, edu-tech, retail and e-commerce, nsurance, as well as management and service.
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Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to change the design of my website in the future?

Absolutely. Our PHP development services offer the option to customize your web app, allowing you to make real-time modifications. We consider client feedback on a regular basis to implement changes.

What is the usual timeframe for completing a PHP development project?

The timeframe for completing a PHP development project varies based on complexity and scope; however, small to medium projects typically take a few weeks, while larger and more intricate endeavors may span several months.

Is PHP development suitable for handling large-scale projects?

Yes, PHP development is well-suited for handling large-scale projects, offering scalability, flexibility, and a robust ecosystem of frameworks and tools that empower developers to build and maintain complex web applications efficiently.


Do you create PHP websites that are compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely, we specialize in developing PHP websites that are fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices, ensuring an optimal user experience across various screen sizes and platforms.

What advantages are there in using PHP web development services?

PHP web development services offer advantages such as cost-effectiveness, a vast community for support, cross-platform compatibility, and the ability to create dynamic and feature-rich websites, making it a preferred choice for versatile and scalable web solutions.

What sets iRoot apart as the preferred choice for PHP development services?

iRoot stands out as the preferred choice for PHP development services due to our expertise in crafting tailored solutions, leveraging the latest technologies, and providing dedicated support, ensuring optimal performance and success for our clients.