Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Maximize the performance capabilities of your software by utilizing our Non-Functional Testing Services.


Identify and Minimize Potential Risks with Non-testing Services

Identifying and eliminating potential losses through non-testing services is crucial for ensuring the success of applications. Efficient, stable, and high-performing applications are the key to achieving success in today’s competitive market. Non-functional testing plays a vital role in ensuring the security and performance of software.


At iRoot Technologies, we have been assisting enterprises globally for over two decades in enhancing their application’s performance. Our non-functional testing services focus on evaluating software in non-conventional environments, helping it stand out from the crowd. By identifying and resolving errors in the software, we ensure that the application performs optimally.


Non-functional testing encompasses various aspects such as scalability, compatibility, accessibility, and responsiveness. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, we help businesses identify any weaknesses in their software and offer solutions to enhance its overall performance. With our expertise, enterprises can minimize potential losses and maximize their application’s success.

Our Non-Functional Testing Services

Performance Testing

Our experienced QA Engineers conduct performance testing by writing test scripts that analyze the application's performance. These tests are carried out under various circumstances and load conditions, allowing developers to simulate real-world data.

Load Testing

Our team is capable of performing different types of load testing techniques on software. This includes testing client-server applications, SOA based applications, and web-based n-tier architecture applications across different technology and domains.

Security Testing

We provide a comprehensive range of security testing services, including penetration testing, audits, code reviews, and vulnerability assessments. Our rigorous testing procedure ensures that your software is safe and secure.

Usability Testing

We thoroughly evaluate the application from the users' perspective, ensuring an optimal user experience, interaction design, and architecture. This helps to ensure that the application is easy to use and meets consumers' requirements.

Compatibility Testing

Our QA experts perform compatibility testing to ensure that the application is compatible across different browsers, operating systems, and functions.

Data Quality Validation

We offer data quality validation services, including data validation, monitoring, profiling, and cleaning. These services help our clients improve the quality of their user data and deliver their best in business.

Advantages of Testing

By conducting testing, we can determine the product's reliability by examining how it responds to unforeseen challenges. This gives our clients confidence that their product can handle unexpected situations effectively.

Testing also helps evaluate the product's performance by studying its behavior under different conditions. This allows our clients to understand how well their application functions in various scenarios.

Moreover, testing assesses the product's usability, allowing us to gauge how user-friendly the application is. This ensures that our clients can deliver a user-friendly experience to their customers.

Furthermore, testing enables business owners to determine the scalability of their product. It helps identify whether the product can handle horizontal or vertical scalability, which is crucial for accommodating growing business needs.

Additionally, testing addresses the security concerns of our clients. It ensures the protection of client data and the application itself against potential hacking threats.

Lastly, testing evaluates the product's portability across different platforms. This provides our clients with insights into the product's adaptability and compatibility, allowing them to reach a broader audience.

Why Choose iRoot Technologies?

By partnering with a reputable software testing company like ours, you can expect your application to be thoroughly tested across all devices, operating systems, and browsers. Additionally, we ensure that your product is released on schedule and at a lower cost.

Extensive experience in Non-functional testing

Our team of testers have vast experience in Non-functional testing, ensuring high-quality results.

Flexible business models

We offer multiple business models that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Utilization of latest testing technologies

We utilize the latest testing technologies such as HP LoadRunner and HP Performance center to ensure efficient and effective testing.

Smart Testing approach

Our motto of "Test less, Test Smarter" allows us to deliver high-quality results within a limited time frame.

Timely delivery

We have a dedicated team of QA engineers who ensure on-time or even before-time delivery of projects.

Cost-effective solutions

We prioritize minimizing the burden on your budget and reducing any extra expenditure by detecting issues early on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Functional testing holds significance as it focuses on the overall performance, reliability, and usability of a system. It ensures that the software not only functions correctly but also meets the desired performance and user experience expectations.

There are several types of Non-Functional testing, including load testing, stress testing, security testing, usability testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, and reliability testing.

The main difference between Functional and Non-Functional testing lies in their focus. Functional testing primarily verifies if the software functions as intended and meets the specified requirements. On the other hand, Non-Functional testing assesses the system’s non-functional aspects like performance, usability, security, and scalability.