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As a part of our online reputation management services, we strive to uplift and strengthen your brand’s image in the digital world, reaching out to a diverse range of customers. This involves crafting compelling and user-friendly reviews for your company, its products or services, and any relevant posts.

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Monitoring, tracking, and maintaining the online health of your brand

Collecting feedback and reviews about your brand from various review sites on the internet.

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Reputation and Brand Analysis

In order to enhance its performance, a company should regularly assess its reputation and brand value. At IRoot, we kickstart the process of Online Reputation Management (ORM) by thoroughly evaluating your brand's reputation, market position, and competitors. If your reputation is under attack, we will take care of investigating the unidentified threats and attackers on your behalf. Our investigation techniques encompass cross-indexing data and tracing emails for effective cyber investigation.

Strategy Development

Online Reputation Management (ORM) encompasses more than just reacting to attacks on a business's reputation. A comprehensive strategy involves not only countering such attacks but also implementing proactive measures to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. At our company, we offer Online Reputation Management Services that involve developing a robust strategy which leverages the available online resources to boost the brand's visibility and enhance its reputation.

ORM Implementation

After finalizing the strategy, it is necessary to implement it in order to safeguard or rebuild the reputation of the brand, depending on the situation. Our team of professionals utilizes various powerful techniques, including intense SEO practices to promote positive content, releasing optimized press statements, sharing positive customer reviews on reputable review platforms, and removing negative reviews. Additionally, we employ a counter-propaganda approach to address any unfavorable reviews or defamatory comments.

Online Branding

You can safeguard your brand from false complaints, online defamation, and misinformation by utilizing these services. Additionally, we ensure that we assist you in establishing a robust, trustworthy, and impactful brand presence. Furthermore, we enhance your brand's visibility and reputation on search engines and various social media platforms.

Online Reputation Monitoring

In addition to building and managing your brand's reputation, ORM also includes the oversight of your reputation through monitoring. Our team proactively keeps track of online discussions and mentions related to your brand, promptly notifying you about any potential issues that require attention. Furthermore, we offer support in crafting appropriate responses whenever necessary.


Monitoring the progress of an online reputation management campaign is imperative and reporting plays a central role in this process. As part of our reputation management services, we offer thorough reports to enable you to keep a check on the campaign's effectiveness. These comprehensive reports provide detailed performance metrics, giving you all the necessary information to assess and verify the quality of our services.

Case Study

Consulting Project

In a recent Consulting Project in online reputation management, our team meticulously analyzed and strategized to enhance the digital standing of our client. Through a comprehensive approach, we identified key areas for improvement and implemented tailored solutions to mitigate negative online perceptions. Our focus on proactive reputation management not only safeguarded the client’s brand image but also fostered a positive online narrative, resulting in increased trust and credibility among their target audience. The project showcased the effectiveness of our strategic interventions in steering online conversations and shaping a resilient digital reputation.

Why IRoot For ORM

We are industry leading experts

IRoot is renowned as a top digital marketing agency that provides reliable ORM services in the industry. We strive to enhance your online presence by managing your reputation on the internet and cultivating a positive brand image.

  • Our approach revolves around the needs of our clients, as we create tailored digital strategies that are specific to their respective industries.
  • Our team of experts diligently monitors your brand’s online presence in real-time, ensuring that we stay on top of the latest buzz surrounding your brand.
  • We have a group of certified professionals who boast extensive experience in the field, guaranteeing that you are in capable hands.
  • Throughout our years of operation, we have successfully executed numerous campaigns for countless satisfied clients.
  • At IRoot, we believe in delivering cost-effective solutions that provide high return on investment for our clients.
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing to ensure that our campaigns achieve optimal results.
  • We provide our clients with consistent reporting, allowing them to feel assured that they have chosen the best ORM partner for their business.
Our clients


"My business went through a difficult period last year as someone intentionally tried to harm my online reputation. Negative reviews kept appearing, which caused significant damage to my brand's reputation. I was in need of assistance to tackle this issue and fortunately, I came across iRoot. This team proved to be exceptional, showing professionalism, dedication, and unwavering support throughout. They were able to successfully restore my business to its former glory, ensuring it remained at the top. "
Joan Sanders
"Despite our continuous efforts to drive traffic and generate leads, our e-commerce store had always struggled with achieving conversions. It was not until we took the leap and decided to give iRoot’s services a try, based on a recommendation from a friend. To our delight, their expertise proved to be nothing short of amazing as they successfully guided us towards the right path within a matter of months. As a result, our store now proudly boasts a thriving conversion rate. We owe all the credit to the skilled professionals at iRoot."
Benjamin Myer
"As a consumer-based brand, our company frequently conducts product launches. Throughout the years, we have consistently depended on IRoot's digital team to develop our launch strategies. With their assistance, we have successfully introduced numerous products and achieved outstanding results. The team's work is truly remarkable!"
Sandra Tate

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