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Xamarin is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after cross-platform development frameworks, allowing you to target multiple mobile platforms using reusable code. With Xamarin, you have full access to iOS and Android APIs and can use the same language and data structures across all platforms. By choosing Xamarin, businesses can save time and money by developing apps for both platforms simultaneously. If you are searching for a reliable Xamarin app development company that can help you harness the benefits of this innovative framework, look no further than iRoot Technologies.
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At iRoot Technologies, we have a team of Xamarin specialists with extensive experience in leveraging the framework to create multi-platform mobile apps using the best technologies and features. Our experts recommend Xamarin for both large enterprises and startups as it offers a wide range of features while reducing the complexities and costs of development. Hire our Xamarin developers to create robust and remarkable iOS and Android mobile apps that hold tremendous potential for your business.

Xamarin App Development Services We Provide

As a leading company in cross-platform development, we specialize in Xamarin and offer a wide range of services for clients seeking Xamarin development.

Xamarin App Design

Our experienced design team understands the key elements that make an app engaging. We will ensure that your Xamarin app incorporates these elements.

Xamarin App Development

We excel in developing Xamarin apps that offer exceptional features and provide a native-like user experience across various mobile platforms and devices.

Migration To Xamarin

If you have an existing app built on a different technology stack, we can help you migrate it to Xamarin. This will allow you to take advantage of the framework's single codebase.

Xamarin App Testing

Our team consists of skilled and qualified testers who are dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality for your app. We conduct rigorous testing and quality evaluation to provide an excellent user experience.

Support & Maintenance

We offer reliable support and maintenance services to ensure that your Xamarin app runs smoothly and flawlessly at all times.

App Strategy & Consulting

✓ Leverage our expertise to develop the best strategy for your business. We will guide you in selecting the right features for your Xamarin app, ensuring maximum benefits. ✓ An open-source framework called Xamarin, developed by Microsoft, offers developers the convenience and speed of using a single code base to create modern Android and iOS apps. ✓ With Xamarin, developers have the option to build visually appealing native mobile apps with exceptional interfaces, providing a reliable choice for app development. ✓ Furthermore, Xamarin enables developers to create apps that are not only stable and efficient but also have optimal performance. These apps require less code, yet are capable of accomplishing more.

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Xamarin offers a range of benefits for businesses

Native UI controls

Developers can create apps that provide device-specific experiences by utilizing native UI controls.

Comprehensive security features

Xamarin includes security features that help reduce the number of bugs and issues in app development, ensuring a more secure end product.

Code reusability

With Xamarin, developers can share app code across different mobile development platforms, saving time and effort.

Reduced time to market

By using Xamarin, businesses can avoid the need to develop separate apps for each platform, resulting in a quicker time to market.

Automated testing

Xamarin Test Cloud allows for automated testing of mobile apps, saving developers time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual testing.

Powerful Framework

Xamarin is a powerful framework that allows for the development of exceptional mobile apps that deliver outstanding user experiences and provide value to businesses.

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Frequently asked questions


What purpose does Xamarin serve?

Xamarin is a tool for developing apps that can be used across different platforms. It allows developers to create mobile apps for iOS and Android that have the appearance and functionality of native apps. These apps are capable of running on multiple platforms with shared code.

Which programming language does Xamarin utilize?

Xamarin primarily utilizes C# as its programming language, allowing developers to create cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android using a single codebase.

What is the price range for a Xamarin app?

The cost of a Xamarin app varies based on complexity and features, with development starting from a few thousand dollars for a simple app and increasing for more intricate projects, customizations, and additional functionalities.


What prospects does Xamarin hold for the future?

Xamarin holds promising prospects for the future, as it continues to be a strong contender in cross-platform mobile app development, driven by its integration with Microsoft technologies and consistent updates, making it an enduring choice for efficient and scalable mobile solutions.

What benefits does Xamarin offer for the development of apps?

Xamarin offers benefits such as code reusability, native-like performance, access to native APIs, and simplified maintenance, making it an efficient choice for cross-platform app development.

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