Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Tag Manager Implementation

iRoot Technologies enables users to easily handle tags, generate tags, and analyze data through Google Tag Manager Implementation, without requiring any coding edits.

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Simplifying Marketing Solutions by Removing Complex Codes through GTM Services

GTM (Google Tag Manager) implementation revolutionizes the marketing process by allowing organizations to easily implement complex code snippets in the form of tags for their websites. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for digital marketing teams. GTM is suitable for both large and small enterprises as it provides access to various Google services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, eCommerce tracking, Funnel & Event tracking, without the need for a developer. Additionally, GTM allows you to test and troubleshoot code snippets before making them live on your website. While GTM is free, it may be challenging to utilize effectively, so we recommend hiring a professional who specializes in Google Tag Management Services.


At iRoot Technologies, our team of skilled analytics professionals is ready to provide you with the support you need for all your tag management needs. Whether it’s setting up a new tag manager or migrating from another analytics platform to GTM, our experts have years of experience and can handle it all. We have successfully migrated numerous clients from other analytics platforms to the GTM platform.

What we do

Our Services

Consultation and Training

We provide expert consultation and offsite training and workshops to educate your digital marketing team. Our consulting services will help enhance their analytical skills, enabling them to contribute to the growth of your product.

GTM Implementation

Efficient integration of GTM Services to improve your website's performance by enabling the use of updated and advanced analytic features.

GTM Migration

Quickly deploy tracking codes and snippets by migrating from iRoot Technologies' old analytics platform to GTM.

Third-Party Code Deployment

Effortlessly deploy codes like Adwords code, Custom HTML codes, Facebook tags, etc., using our GTM third-party Code Deployment Service.

Advanced Tracking

Implement advanced tracking features that allow you to track eCommerce traffic, Cross Domain Tracking, Error Tracking, Custom events tracking, File tracking, and more.

Advantages of Implementing Google Tag Manager

Enhanced Efficiency

By implementing GTM services, you can save time as you'll be able to add code snippets without the need for a developer's assistance.

Improved Version Control

With the new GTM implementation, switching between versions becomes easier. In case of any errors, you can easily switch back to the previous version.

Reduced Dependency

GTM Services allows for tags modification, addition, and deletion directly from the tag manager interface, eliminating the need for developers.


GTM implementation is simple and user-friendly, with only four main features to focus on - Tags, Triggers, Data Layer, and Variables.

Automated Event Tracking

Unlike the traditional manual approach, GTM's Auto-tracking feature automatically tracks link clicks, form submissions, and engagement, eliminating the need for manual code addition.

Simplified Debugging

GTM offers an easy-to-use Tag Preview Feature, which assists in the debugging of tags efficiently.

How we do it

We are here to assist you in making informed decisions based on data.

  • We can cater to your specific needs by offering services such as audits, analytics implementation, and overall tracking analysis.

  • With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and website improvement, you can rely on us to ensure accurate tracking setup, website analytics, and campaign optimization.

  • Being certified Google experts, we maximize the use of Google products to benefit your business growth.

  • Our commitment to adhering to quality practices and utilizing a proven methodology ensures the delivery of high-quality and timely projects.

  • We have a successful track record of delivering major projects to clients from various industries.

  • Our main focus is on ensuring client satisfaction by providing tailored solutions that perfectly match their requirements.

Our clients


"My business faced a challenging year as someone was actively trying to harm our online reputation. Negative reviews kept popping up, damaging our brand's reputation. I needed help to address this issue, and luckily I found iRoot Technologies. These professionals were amazing, dedicated, and supportive. They successfully saved my business and brought it back to its former top position!"
Joan Sanders
"We had traffic and leads, but converting them into sales was always difficult for our e-commerce store. We decided to try iRoot Technologies based on a friend's recommendation. These experts are absolutely fantastic; they helped us achieve significant progress within just a few months. Today, our store has a great conversion rate, and we owe it all to iRoot Technologies."
Benjamin Myer
"When it comes to digital innovation, iRoot is a true industry leader. They developed a creative strategy that propelled our business into the digital era. What's amazing is that they are highly responsive and always available to answer any questions. They also have a talent for simplifying complex concepts."
Sandra Tate
"The digital geniuses at iRoot crafted an excellent email campaign for us, resulting in increased sales this year. I'm happy that I decided to utilize their services."
Sophia Reynolds
"As a consumer brand, we frequently launch new products. Over the years, we have relied on iRoot's digital team to design our launch strategies. Thanks to their incredible work, all of our product launches have been successful. The team at iRoot has done an outstanding job!"
Marcus Bennett
"As a B2B enterprise, our marketing strategy needed to focus on accounts rather than individual customers. iRoot provided the ideal solution with their specialized account-based marketing services. Thanks to their forward-thinking approach, we have become a thriving business."

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