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Elevate your business operations with our AI solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Ushering in a new era in advanced AI

Unlock creativity and innovation with Generative AI, a cutting-edge technology that can generate new content, designs, and ideas, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
Enhance customer interactions and streamline processes with Smart Bots powered by AI. These intelligent bots are designed to understand and respond to user queries, providing efficient and personalized experiences.
Boost user engagement and satisfaction with Recommendation Engines. Leverage AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, delivering personalized content, product recommendations, and services.
Automate repetitive tasks and optimize workflows with Robotic Process Automation. Our AI-driven RPA solutions enhance operational efficiency by executing rule-based processes, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities.

Take a digital-first approach to your business by integrating these AI development services, unleashing the power of automation, personalization, and innovation.
Our approach

Fast Track Your Business Operations and Enhance Capabilities with iRoot as Your AI Partner

Leverage the transformative potential of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance your operational capabilities. At iRoot, we specialize in crafting custom and cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your industry needs, ensuring seamless work processes and scalability at a cost-effective rate. Let iRoot be your strategic AI partner, propelling your business into a future of efficiency and innovation.

Empower Your Business with Comprehensive AI Development Services

AI Strategy & Consulting

Trust our team of top-notch software engineers to guide your business on a transformational journey through strategic AI adoption. As a trusted AI solutions company, we provide expert advice and consulting to shape a robust AI strategy aligned with your business goals.

AI Solution Development

Unlock the potential of advanced AI applications with our expertise in developing solutions that automate a diverse range of operations. From conceptualization to implementation, we ensure your enterprise is equipped with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

AI Customization

Tailor-made AI solutions that meet your unique requirements and industry standards. Our specialization lies in creating customized AI applications, ensuring a seamless fit for your business processes and objectives.

AI Implementation

Ensuring glitch-free implementation of high-tech AI solutions, we maximize the benefits they bring to your business. Our implementation process is meticulous, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance.

Conversational AI Integration

Seamlessly integrate advanced conversational AI solutions into your existing business model for enhanced communication and customer interaction. Our integration approach is designed to maximize return on investment.

Tech Support

Count on our reliable tech support services, available 24/7 with a team of AI experts. We ensure that your AI applications consistently perform at their best, providing ongoing support to meet your business needs effectively.

Unlocking Diverse Business Opportunities with iRoot's AI Development Services

At iRoot, we provide customized, feature-rich, scalable, and progressive AI development services tailored to diverse businesses. Our enterprise-level solutions are designed to enhance work processes and foster exponential growth. Explore a world of possibilities with our varied AI capabilities.

AI Development Solutions

Empower your business with the unparalleled benefits of AI, enabling machines to self-learn from data, akin to human learning processes.

Natural Language Processing

As specialists in Natural Language Processing, we enable machines to understand and interpret spoken and written language, deciphering sentiments for enhanced communication.

Robotic Process Automation

Embrace automation's power with our AI solutions, building applications that execute repetitive processes based on machine-learned or user-generated instructions, enhancing operational efficiency.


Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge ChatGPT solutions, infusing AI features into applications. Our ChatGPT API Integration simplifies the implementation of ChatGPT, bringing advanced conversational capabilities to your app.

Predictive Analytics

Transform into a data-oriented enterprise with predictive analytics software. Understand customer data, predict outcomes, and forecast opportunities for strategic decision-making.

AI-Enabled Commerce

Revolutionize customer engagement with AI-enabled WhatsApp commerce. Our AI solutions redefine how businesses interact with potential customers, creating personalized and engaging experiences.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology Stack for Custom AI Solutions

At iRoot, we harness the power of advanced technical solutions and tools to deliver result-oriented custom AI solutions.

Scikit Learn
Leveraging this versatile machine learning library for efficient data analysis and modeling.
Utilizing Theano for fast numerical computations, especially when dealing with large datasets and complex neural network models.
Employing TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework, for building and deploying AI models with scalability and flexibility.
Leveraging Caffe for deep learning applications, particularly in computer vision tasks and image classification.
Utilizing MxNet for building and training deep learning models, emphasizing flexibility and efficiency.
Incorporating Keras as a high-level neural networks API, facilitating rapid experimentation and prototyping.
Programming Languages
A versatile language for AI development, offering simplicity, readability, and extensive libraries for machine learning and data analysis.
Employing Java for building robust and scalable AI applications, especially in enterprise environments.
Utilizing C++ for its performance benefits in developing AI applications that require high computational efficiency.
Integrating JavaScript for AI solutions with web-based functionalities and interactive interfaces.
Leveraging R for statistical computing and data analysis, especially in applications requiring advanced statistical techniques.
Employing Haskell for its functional programming capabilities, enhancing code reliability and maintainability.
Utilizing TensorFlow not only as a tool but also as a framework for constructing and deploying machine learning models.
Incorporating Keras as a high-level neural networks API for rapid experimentation and building efficient models.
Utilizing Caffe as a deep learning framework for its efficiency in computer vision tasks.
Leveraging Scikit-Learn for machine learning tasks due to its simple and effective tools.
Apache Mahout
Integrating Apache Mahout for scalable machine learning algorithms that can handle large datasets.
Apache Spark
Utilizing Apache Spark for distributed computing, enhancing the performance of AI applications.

Industries We Specialize In

Diverse industries require tailored AI solutions to address unique challenges and opportunities. At our core, we specialize in delivering custom AI solutions across various sectors, ensuring optimal success and transformation.


Elevate the fashion industry with AI solutions, optimizing supply chains, enhancing customer experiences, and revolutionizing design processes.


Drive innovation in the automotive sector with AI applications, optimizing manufacturing processes, improving safety, and advancing autonomous vehicle technology.


Transform education with AI solutions, offering personalized learning experiences, improving administrative efficiency, and enhancing student engagement.


Revolutionize the financial landscape with AI, enhancing fraud detection, automating routine tasks, and providing personalized customer services.

Real Estate

Bring transparency to real estate transactions with AI, optimizing property searches, improving customer interactions, and streamlining property management.


Innovate healthcare with AI, facilitating diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, predictive analytics, and efficient healthcare management.


Enhance retail operations with AI solutions, optimizing inventory management, personalizing customer experiences, and improving demand forecasting.


 Innovate insurance processes with AI, improving risk assessment, automating claims processing, and enhancing customer engagement.

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